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    Hi, we found the issues.
    Maybe it is some option?

    Here step by step instruction on how to reproduce it.
    1. Go here and add a few pizzas to cart.
    2. Press Zur Casse, choose any location, fill in all fields and press “weiter zu Bestell├╝bersicht”(submit) button
    3. As you can see almost all fields from the previous step are empty

    If you fill in all fields and then choose the location everything is fine.
    There are a few modifications, I tried to disable them but the same result.


    Admin & Mod

    >There are a few modifications
    there are more than “a few” from what i can see (the whole dbp plugin seems to have been changed – that’s fine of course as such, but i wont debug this)

    on a more fundamental level :
    have you enabled debug ? what does your debug log say ?
    have you disabled all other plugins / switched to a default theme ?
    when you do, do you have the same issue ?

    (PS: apologies for the late reply , for some unknown reason I did not get any notifications of this new topic…)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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