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    Good morning,

    Currently we are using the “Mollie” gateway to receive payments with Ideal.
    We also want to give the option to pay with Apple Pay (with mollieP) but for us that’s more expensive.

    In Mollie I already made a new sub account with only Apple Pay enabled. It would be great if I can install the plugin twice (thats impossible at te moment) so I can have Mollie 1 (no extra %, own key and private key ) for iDeal and Mollie 2 ( 2% charge and own key + private key). and name it Apple Pay.

    Is something like this possible? Is there a workaround? I Really want to stick to one payment provider.
    Also because inside mollie this is already possible

    with kind regards,


    Admin & Mod

    generally, you could copy the gateway and rename all relevant ‘mollie’ instances/strings to something else (you cannot ever have the same class multiple times. it will never work)

    other than that, if I understand you correctly, you want to add surcharges depending on payment method.
    If you are in the EU this is illegal (since 2018) – though scope varies from country to country as I understand it


    Dear Olly,

    Its legal for payment methods like Apple Pay and Paypall (only you can’t make profit). How do you advise to copy the gateway? So that I can place subaccount (with own public and private keys) in A, and the other in B (with surcharges).


    Admin & Mod

    re surcharges:

    as I understand it, it varies between countries (and even within countries there seem to be discussions – just as a random link, see here
    in any event, the terms and conditions of most third-party providers already prohibit you from surcharging end customers for using their services.(i.e Paypal and I assume Apple does the same)

    Disclaimr: I am not a lawyer of course and am only following these things out of interest. What you decide to do is your decision naturally. I’m just passing on info or indeed voice my opinion (which may or may not be correct)

    Admin & Mod

    another take (from the uk gov no less – in 2018 – so way before Brexit)
    there’s no gray area here according to this. i.e unequivocally no surcharging for paypal !
    Again, this seems different per country somewhat so it would be for you to find out what the story is in your particular case …. just passing on info


    Dear Olly,

    Here is a link to a Dutch Website (Dutch website for Comsumers)

    Its not allowed to charge for credit card, bank deposit, and payment with card (in store) but its allowed for other payment services like iDeal, Paypall etc etc.

    With Kind Regards

    Admin & Mod

    Just to add to this here (for completeness sake I guess)

    Even though it may be permitted to add surcharges by your particular country’s law, it might not necessarily be permitted by the agreement of the payment processor in question !

    PayPal for example expressly forbid surcharges in their agreements and I hazard a guess others – like Apple Pay etc – will have the same restrictions, but of course it will depend on each payment processor as to what their exact T&C’s are .

    Just saying.



    With iDeal, I pay €0,22 per transaction. For this payment, we don’t charge extra. For Apple Pay, we need to pay €0,27 + 2%(of the total value). I want to give the option to the consumer if they want the service and convenience of Apple Pay but they have to pay the 2% themselves. In the Netherlands that’s really common. Even the biggest in the markt (Thuisbezorgd/ Just Eat) is charging €0,25 for iDeal.

    With kind regards, Roland

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