WPPizza – Countdown

Description / Overview

  • Display a countdown to the shops next closing and/or opening time.
  • Shortcode enabled / widget enabled.
  • 3 designs to choose from (see screenshots below)



  • WPPIZZA 3.13.2+
  • WordPress 4.0+ (although lower versions will probably also work)
  • Php version 5.5+


  • Install by uploading the zip file in the normal wordpress manner from within the plugin screen and activate.


  • Usage
  • To display the countdown use the shortcode [wppizza_countdown] wherever you would like it to be shown.
  • Alternatively use the WPPizza – Countdown widget available from “Appearance -> Widgets”
  • Style
  • Go to “WPPizza -> Openingtimes -> Countdown settings”.
  • Select the style you would like to display
  • Status
  • Select one of the available status.
  • “Countdown to opening” will only display a countdown until your shop opens the next time.
  • “Countdown to closing” will only display a countdown until your shop closes the next time.
  • “Both” will always display the countdown to next opening or closing – i.e a countdown will always be shown
  • Hide countdown
  • If you did NOT select “Both” as status, the setting here will determine if the countdown will be removed from the page once it has reached zero (after a few seconds).
  • If you selected “Both” this setting will be ignored.
  • Cart / Orderpage
  • Enable this setting if you would like to display the countdown until your next opening time in the cart and orderpage. It will replace your regular “shop closed” message.
  • Localization
  • Go to “WPPizza -> Localization -> Countdown” and adjust text strings as required.
  • Customisation
  • To customise the output of the countdown widget, use css declarations as required (use your browsers element inspector to identify element classes).
  • Furthermore a wordpress filter – “wppizza_countdown_ajax_object” – is available for some more detailed control over some of the behaviour of the widget.


For support please visit the “Support Forum”


admin settings
admin settings
admin settings
admin localization
Basic – countdown to closing
Basic – countdown to opening
Circles – countdown to closing
Circles – countdown to opening
Retro – countdown to closing
Retro – countdown to opening
Retro – Light