WP Utilities

Just some relatively simple WordPress Plugins I wrote (not-necessarily WPPizza related) I found to be useful so am happy to share them here (might make them available on the WordPress repro one day too when I find the time) .

Feel free to download and use as you see fit. No guarantees, no support offered, might get removed at any time.


  • Truncate WP Debug Log (download)

    Periodically (weekly) truncates your wordpress debug.log to the last 10000 lines. Leave debug logging enabled without your debug.log eating up all your server space over time. (Does anyone really need to look at php warnings/errors etc from weeks , months or even years ago?)
    Install, activate, that’s it. The weekly cronjob takes care of the rest.
    * WP cron must *not* be disabled.
    * PHP 7+ (might work on lower php versions too, but not tested).
    * WP 5+ (probably works on lower versions too, but not tested).
    * Your current debug log must not be over 10mb in size (though filterable).
    See readme included in the plugin for more details.