WPPizza – Stockmanagement


A (relatively) simple “Stockmanagement” extensions for WPPizza

Works best if not caching your pages, however, if you do, ensure you have enabled WPPizza->Settings->General “I am using a caching plugin”


  • Prevent more items from being ordered than are in stock
  • Automatically updates stocklevels when an order has been completed
  • Manually override/update stocklevels per item if required
  • (re)set all stocklevels in bulk if required
  • Optionally receive low stock levels notifications by email
  • Quickedit enabled


see the “WPPizza Stockmanagement” example


  • WPPIZZA 3.12.3+
  • WordPress 5.0+ (though earlier versions might also work)
  • Php 7.0+ (though earlier versions might also work)


  • install by uploading the zip file in the normal wordpress manner from withing the plugin screen and activate


  • Go to “WPPizza -> Order Settings -> Stockmanagement” , verify your “Maximum Stocklevels” and “Low Stock” values (or leave them at their defaults, you can change this later again)
  • Optionally set notification email addresses where low stock notifications are to be sent to (can be changed at any time)
  • Check”Enable Stockmanagement”
  • Save to set your default maximum stocklevels
  • “Low Stock” and “Notifications” values can be changed at any time without affecting current stock levels
  • Enable “Reset Stocklevels” and save to reset all stock to be at the value you have entered in “Maximum Stocklevels”


for support please visit the “Support Forum”

Known Issues

  • None at the moment


Frontend – Default if “Out of Stock”
Frontend – Using Text if “Out of Stock”
Admin – Post List
Admin – Quickedit
Admin – Edit Post Screen
Admin – Order Settings
Admin – Localization