WPPizza – Sisow Gateway


WPPizza Gateway Sisow – Gateway for WPPizza
Enables Sisow Payments for orders using the WordPress WPPIZZA Plugin


  • WPPizza 2.15+
  • you must (obviously) have a Sisow account
  • the currency set in WPPizza->Order Settings must be set to EUR
  • at a minimum you must set your Merchant ID and Merchant Key to correspond with the settings in your Sisow account
  • PHP >5.2. (5.3+ recommended)

Installation / Setup

  • install by uploading the zip file in the normal wordpress manner from withing the plugin screen (add new->upload) and activate
  • go to wppizza->gateways and set options as required

Using/enabling paypal as payment option, you MUST setup the following

  • Ga naar ‘Profiel’ in het PayPal account / go to My profile in your PayPal account
  • Klik op ‘Verkoopvoorkeuren’ / click on marketing preferences
  • Klik op ‘Bijwerken’ achter ‘API toegang’ / click on ‘updating’ behind API access
  • Kies voor ‘API-referenties aanvragen’ / Choose for ‘API references requests’
  • Vink ‘Vraag een API-handtekening aan’ aan en klik op ‘Akkoord en verzenden’. / choose ‘Ask an API signature’ and click on ‘Agree and submit “
  • You get the codes wich you need to add to your Sisow account at ‘Mijn profiel > tabblad PayPal’.

Note, paypal options setup is quoted according to sisow support…


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