WPPizza – Pickup Prices


An extension for WPPizza to set different prices per item/size when the customer toggles between self-pickup and delivery. Will automatically also adjust/change and prices of items already in cart


to see it in action please go to http://demo.wp-pizza.com/wppizza-pickup-prices/


  • WPPIZZA 3.0.26+


  • install by uploading the zip file in the normal wordpress manner from withing the plugin screen and activate


  • Simply go to each menu item and set the pickup prices. You can use the quickedit screen or each individual menu item page (see screenshots below).
  • If you wish for a menu item to not be available at all when pickup is selected, enter “-0” (minus zero) into the pickup price field. (This will also remove the item from any cart if it was added when delivery was chosen). Requires v1.2
  • If you are using any kind of caching plugin, you should also enable “WPPizza -> Settings -> General : I am using a cache plugin” and clear the cache of that plugin once you have set (or changed) your pickup prices.


for support please visit the “Support Forum”

Screenshots (admin – see demo for frontend)

admin- quickedit
admin- item edit