WPPizza – Realex Gateway


Global Iris / Realex Gateway for WPPizza – Enables Global Iris / Realex Payments for orders using the WordPress WPPIZZA Plugin – Requires WPPIZZA 2.15+

Implementatiom Type

Redirect / Hosted Payment Page (HPP) Integration.

(more details about the Global Iris / Realex HPP integration here)


  • php 5.3+, WPPizza 2.15+
  • you must (obviously) have a Realex/Global Iris account
  • the currency set in WPPizza->Order Settings MUST be accepted by and enabled in your Realex account
  • you MUST ask Global Iris / Realex to whitelist the domain you are installing the gateway on
  • you MUST set your Merchant ID and Shared Secret Key as given to you by Realex/Global Iris when you signed up
  • optional (but recommended): set an account name associated with it (see image)
  • optional: enable HomeCurrencyPay (if enabled in your account). see screenshots below
  • optional: enable alternative payment methods – (if enabled in your account – RealEx only). see screenshots below
  • Note: an SSL certificate is NOT required for this implementation


  • install by uploading the zip file in the normal wordpress manner from withing the plugin screen (add new->upload) and activate
  • ensure the domain you are installing the gateway on (or just the full url of your order page if you prefer) is whitelisted by Global Iris / Realex (you will have to contact them)
  • go to wppizza->gateways : realex and set options as required (Merchant Id, Shared Key etc)
  • to enable the output of a label and the total purchase value on the payment page do the following
    1. log into to your RealEx / Global Iris Account
    2. click on “settings”
    3. click on “client settings”
    4. under “redirect client configuration” set the account name you are using with this website and that has been set in wppizza->gateways : realex-> account name
    5. in the “info text” field paste the following code
    6. <b>
      <#COMMENT_1#><br />
      <#COMMENT_2#> <#TOTAL#>

      (also see Screenshots – Admin : Setup Payment Page below)
  • for testing card numbers please contact global iris/realex directly

Screenshots – Frontend:

click images for larger versions

Order Page
Payment Page

Payment Page

with totals etc
HomePay Enabled
Payment Methods Enabled

Screenshots – Admin:

click images for larger versions

Options Settings

Setup Payment Page Purchase Info

RealEx/Global Iris Account