WPPizza – Preorder


Allow your customers to order even when you are closed and pick a convenient time for delivery or pickup during your opening hours.

Optional: If used in conjunction with the “Timed Menu” extension, the plugin will also alert the customer that an item is not available at the chosen time/date (if that is the case) and will ask him/her to either delete the item from his shoppingcart or to chose a different time.

Plugin Update – April 2020: version 3.0+ (requires WPPIZZA v3.13+ if used with WPPIZZA version 3.x)

  • A major update (almost a complete re-write) of the preorder plugin with several performance and user experience improvements alongside some bug fixes
  • Added: Only allow preorder / timeslot selection while the shop is actually open (keeping it closed as normal)
  • Added: Choice of theme (default / dark)
  • Added: Admin order history sortable by preorder date/time
  • Added: ‘at’ language to datetimepicker localizations
  • Added (BETA): Maximum orders per timeslot.
    note: Due to the time difference between an order being submitted and it being paid/received, the possibility will always exist that the maximum set will be exceeded on occasion if multiple customers are ordering at more or less the same time.
  • For list of all available options, please see screenshots below


  • Requires WPPIZZA 2.11.9+, requires WPPIZZA v3.13+ if used with wppizza version 3.x
  • As of version 2.0+ WPPizza v3.x compatible
  • optional: if using in conjunction with “Timed Menu” Extension: version 1.2.1+ of the “Timed Menu” extension will be required

Known Limitations

  • If using “Arabic” as your site language: Only numeric “WPPizza Preorder” date representations are currently supported (i.e using 2024-03-05, 03/05/2024 , 05.03.2024 etc format in the “WPPizza Preorder -> Date Format” options settings). Date format settings using textual representation of month names are not supported.


To see it in action please go to https://demo.wp-pizza.com/wppizza-preorder/


Screenshot frontend

Screenshot admin options

Screenshot admin localization