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    Generally I do not / can not offer any kind of one-off/individual customisation of your site and/or plugins (wppizza or not), simply because wppizza would never have had all the functionality it already has if I were to allow myself to be “sidetracked” by individual requests, sorry.
    Of course, I am aware , that there will always be individual requirements that the plugin(s) might not be able to cater for. Unfortunately though, it cannot ever be everything to everybody.

    However, strictly on a case by case basis and entirely depending on circumstances, I might be willing to add additional functionality only if it could be useful to the majority of users.

    If you think this might be the case, please leave a message in the “Feature Requests” section.

    Please Note: I am *not* able to offer any customisation of themes and their layouts/css themselves or indeed support for basic things like css in general
    (you would be better of contacting your particular theme’s developer anyway as they should be able to help you more easily)

    Furthermore, if you want to or need to customise the css of wppizza related elements in particular, I would strongly recommend the following resources

    Lastly, codesnippets are provided “as is”. If used, you will have to edit / adjust those depending on your particular circumstances/setup. I cannot help you doing the programming according to your requirements


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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