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WPPizza – A Restaurant Plugin for WordPress Support Forum Rules – read me before posting please

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      These forums are meant for the wordpress wppizza plugin and it’s extensions/gateways.


      • a) Read the FAQ’s – Many re-occurring questions have already been answered there as well as giving information as to the right way to edit css/templates etc so you do not loose your customisations on every update of the plugin(s)

      • b) Search first – Again, many of the questions that are posted in the forums have been posted many times before. Before starting a new thread, please try searching the forums for an answer first.

      • c) Start your own topic – please pretty please – Unless your topic reply is 100% related to the original post please start your own new topic with a descriptive title (not just “I need help” or similar) in the appropriate forum to make things easier to find for everybody. Furthermore, new topics will be attended to first.

      • d) Distinctly wppizza related only – These forums are specifically for wppizza (and it’s extensions/gateways).
        For general php/css/wp related issues – such as: “how to write some php”, “how do i change the font colours/sizes borders or similar (that goes for wppizza related displays such as menu items , cart etc too)”, “how to use wordpress actions/filters” etc etc – please refer to places like: (php) , (wp related), (css),, (community forums – there are others too)
        or just google.
        Not only are these websites more informative and detailed than I can ever be, I also really can only support wppizza plugin specifics.

      • e) No double posting, no bumping – Do not post the exact the same topic/question multiple times, it will only confuse the issue. Multiple posts of the same topic by the same user will be deleted.
        Do not bump posts. Bumping a post to “the top” does not help your topic get noticed. Questions without reply will be attended to first. If you bump a post, it disappears from the ‘No Replies’ view.

      • f) No no spamming – i.e no posting/sending of the same question to multiple channels – Only use *one* form of support for any one particular question unless specifically requested to do otherwise. i.e use the forum *OR* the contact form *OR* email . You will not get any answer more quickly (quite the opposite) if you send the same thing multiple times.
        Your support request might even simply get deleted without notice if you do so.
        Be assured all channels are monitored and all messages read. There is absolutely no need to send any particular request more than once.

      • g) Customisations – I do not offer any customisation services. If I did, the plugins would never develop any further (see here too). That said, if you have some questions regarding some customisations, I might be able to point you in the right direction at least.

      • h) English please – these are english language forums. Posts in other languages will (most likely) be ignored

      • i) Moderation – posts from new users are actively moderated and held in a queue before being displayed. Once a user has had his first post(s)/reply(ies) approved, subsequent postings will be displayed immediately.

      This goes without saying, but just to be clear:
      – do not be abusive or otherwise harass others.
      – do not post links to or any kind of adult or otherwise objectionable content
      These kind of post will be deleted and the user removed/banned

      That is it for the moment…

      Thank you

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