Good work so far, and I applaud the effort…

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    Good work so far, and I applaud the effort you put into responding to your customers! Great job, sir!

    I have a couple of feature requests:

    1. Our pizza sizes are a quarter, half, or whole pizza. With the halves and wholes, we allow the customers to split up the toppings into 2 halves, if desired. In the “Add Ingredients” extension (which we have already purchased), would it be possible to have the option to only add an ingredient to half of the selected pizza size for half and whole pizza sizes, and then only have whole ingredient options on the quarter size pizza? (It may be easier to understand if you think of it as quarter=small, half=medium, whole=large, and we only want to give the option for splitting up the toppings on medium and large size pizzas, and not the small.) Also, something to go along with that would be to make the price of the add-on dependent upon the size of the pizza you are adding it to. For example, extra cheese on a quarter is $.50, extra cheese on a half is $1, extra cheese on a whole is $2. If all of this sounds confusing, let me know and I’ll try to explain better.

    2. Most menu items come with certain ingredients already. When a customer selects a menu item, can those ingredients automatically show up under that item allowing the customer the option to remove any ingredients that they don’t want? (For example, the customer selects a ham and cheese sandwich, but doesn’t want the cheese.) This may be something you can integrate into the “Add Ingredients” extension as well, by automatically adding certain ingredients for certain menu items.

    And a bug fix request:

    Thanks for adding the pickup/delivery option. I added that option and tested it out. When checking or un-checking it from the cart, the page refreshes to update the order total (good job). However, when you do that on the order page, it will not refresh to update the total.

    Admin & Mod

    Hi ,

    thanks for your message. please see below.

    re 1)
    The way I understand you (although I might be wrong), it would be far easier (and less confusing for the customer I would have thought) to offer one Pizza(menu item) which is a “quarter”/”small” where add ingredients is disabled and another one with medium/large
    where it IS allowed (also see my answer to prices/ingredient) below.
    My question is though: do you actually deliver/make half pizzas ? Because if you don’t, how does the customer know, he has to order 2 half pizzas ?

    also: if you have three different size options (call them small/medium/large or quarter/half/whole or whatever) you just set the ingredients prices accordingly for this “pricetier”. Or am I missing something ?

    re 2):
    maybe I’ll do that one day, but I can’t promise any timescale on that one as there are other more important things I want to do first.
    (like adding the option to set it up so a customer for example HAS TO add at least one ingredient , or CAN ONLY ADD ONE ingredient from a list (like salad dressings) etc.)
    maybe – just maybe – it’s possible to do something along the lines you mentioned under 1) there too. not sure, but I’ll bear that in mind.

    Nevertheless, personally I think it makes a lot more sense to make a “base” sandwich as menu item and allow the customer to add cheese and/or ham (after all , a ham and cheese sandwich without cheese is just a ham sandwich)

    re3: do you have a link I can have a look at ? (as it should/does do that)


    Ok, for simplicity’s sake we won’t worry about the sizes. Most pizza joints (us included) allow the customer to order toppings per half of the pizza. For example, a pizza is being shared by 2 people. One person wants pepperoni and the other wants chicken, so we put pepperoni on one half and chicken on the other half. Also, the option to go light or heavy with the topping would be another good feature to have.

    Check out other pizza ordering websites for examples and ideas –,,, etc.

    Admin & Mod

    i replied to you directly for the moment

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