Hello there, thanks for this great extension….

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    Hello there, thanks for this great extension. I would like to know if there is any chance to add ability to choose different stores or location with different menu and post codes etc.


    Admin & Mod

    sounds to me like you want everything different from one to another. so you really need 2 websites (dedicated or multisite/network)…am i missing something ?

    Tom Collins

    No, I meant if there is a franchise and they want to hold same website and same menu but people get option to place on different branches. In the other word, a simple store locator so people choose the store and orders will be sent to that specific store

    Admin & Mod

    sounds like the “delivey by post/zipcode” perhaps is what you need ? (provided the menu/categories stay the same)

    am a bit confused to be honest.
    first it’s different menu, now it’s same menu just different branches.
    not quite sure exactly what to suggest other than the above , but feel free to expand a bit . maybe I’m just a bit dense at the moment

    Tom Collins

    Ok , let me try again. If I have 5 stores and all these stores are located all around the town. I would like to have one website with your plugin but ability to choose the store from drop down menu and then send the order to that specific store correctly. This means to have probably 5 different emails(for each location) so each store receive the order from the specific customer.

    Admin & Mod

    still “delivey by post/zipcode” appears to be exactly what you need (have a look at the screenshots here

    i.e set up postcodes (or whatever else you want to categorize your customers by like store north, store south etc) and send the email to the relevant branch (email)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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