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    Hi I have a few questions..

    1. can i make the geteway with other payment sites than Paypal or just paypal?

    2. In the “Add Ingredients” Extension, can i add an ingrediet on just half of the pizza… like if the costumer WANTS his pizza with half onion half garlic extras can i add half? another thing is if the costumer wants one half with onion&olives and the second half with tomatos and corn … can your plugin do this observation?

    3. can it choose one ingredient for free as a part from an offer?

    4. the same thing with Quarters…



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    re 1: yes you could, if you are happy to / want to program it yourself (which might of course not be what you had in mind. dunno though).

    if you want to do it yourself, i can make a template or some such thing with comments on how to do that bearing in mind the way the plugin is written

    Anyway,ignoring that, at the moment only PayPal Gateway and Omnikassa (available in a day or two) exist.

    Maybe you want to let me know which gateway you were interested in and i’ll see what I can do. If it’s a commonly used gateway I am probably willing to just program it and charge the same as for the paypal thing (as it will probably be useful to other people and i would get back (at least part of) the development costs that way) if it’s something a bit more obscure, I’d be happy to quote you for implementing it if you want. Entirely up to you of course

    re 2: ingredients for half pizzas etc are not implemented in that extension at the moment . it’s something i need to do – i know – but i do not have an ETA when that will be possible/available

    re 3: yes you can. there’s something called “custom groups” in that extension where you could just make a group with certain ingredients that are free – or not , your choice.
    (as an example , go to http://www.wp-pizza.com/twentytwelve/ and check out the “Pizza and Salad or Wings” . (but you can also make some of the ingredients free whereas others are additional etc etc . it’s just an example)

    re 4, i assume that we are talking about the same as under “2”.. so the same applies.
    not yet, but is something i will look into (in fact , it will be done in a way that you will be able to choose between offering half/quarter/thirds whatever…..as i said though , its not yet implemented

    hope the above helps, but let me know if you have any further questions

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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