Hi OllyFirst of all thank you for this…

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      Hi Olly

      First of all thank you for this great job you make here.


      a. Is there a way to print out a nice looking invoice we can bring to the customer. Printed email is not very nice.

      b. Could you add a search function to this “Feature Requests” site. Maybe this invoice question was answered already and we just didn’t find it.

      Thanks and best regards

      Admin & Mod

        re a) all depends on what you call “nice looking” really and whether you are using phpmailer as mail delivery or the standard mail()/wp_mail().
        on either you could use the templates to edit to make them “look nice” and print those…or if using phpmailer for example , could use a filter ‘wppizza_phpmailer_sent;
        like so in your functions.php (there’s also another way of doing this if NOT using phpmailer , but its a bit more involved

            add_action('wppizza_phpmailer_sent', 'my_custom_phpmailer',10,2);
        function my_custom_phpmailer($mail,$mailsent){
        //**do something with the $mail object (like fomat and then send to a different email to print or , curl, post or whatnot)

        re b)
        i am actually in the middle of redesigning the whole thing and moving these comments and other bits and pieces to some sort of organized forums , having an area for codesnippets etc so it is – at least – searchable and not the mess that it is at the moment

        might take a bit longer but should/will make the whole thing a lot more manageable and userfriendly i would have thought (just never got the time to do this before and it’s definitely about time i agree)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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