WPPizza – Worldpay Gateway


Worldpay Gateway for WPPizza – Enables Worldpay Payments for orders using the WordPress WPPIZZA Plugin


Implementatiom Type

Redirect/Hosted Integration.


Important Note

Worldpay provides numerous gateways. This gateway implementation is for Worldpay accounts that have a so-called “Installation ID”. If your Worldpay account does NOT have one of these them this is the WRONG gateway for you. Please refer to the screenshots below as to what your Worldpay account settings should more or less look like



  • php 5.3+, WPPizza
  • you must (obviously) have a Worldpay account
  • the currency set in WPPizza->Order Settings MUST be accepted by and enabled in your Worldpay account
  • you MUST set your Installation ID as displayed in your Worldpay account
  • once installed, http://www.yoursite.com/wp-content/plugins/wppizza-gateway-worldpay/ipn/ipn.php MUST be publicly accessible (i.e not behind a firewall, password protected or throwing any errors)
  • Note: an SSL certificate is NOT required for this implementation



  • install by uploading the zip file in the normal wordpress manner from withing the plugin screen (add new->upload) and activate
  • login to your worldpay account https://secure.worldpay.com/sso/public/auth/login.html
  • go to setup and choose the appropriate integration setup
  • make a note of your installation id (you will need this in the gateway settings in wppizza->gateways->worldpay)
  • set the Payment Response URL to be http://www.mysite.com/wp-content/plugins/wppizza-gateway-worldpay/ipn/ipn.php , replacing “http://www.mysite.com” with your site details – the exact url can be found in the WPPizza Worldpay settings
  • enable “Payment Response enabled?”
  • enable “Enable the Shopper Response”
  • Do NOT set a “Shopper Redirect URL”. This is automatically done by the “Payment Response URL” (counter-intuitively, I know)
  • optional – but a good idea – set an email in “Payment Response failure email address” and enable “Attach HTTP(s) Payment Message to the failure email?”
  • optional – but recommended – set a “Payment Response password”. (keep a note of it you will need this in the gateway settings in wppizza->gateways->worldpay)
  • optional – but recommended – set a “MD5 secret for transactions” following the requirements stipulated (20 characters minimum, upper and lower case, number and symbols) (keep a note of it you will need this in the gateway settings in wppizza->gateways->worldpay). If you set this make sure to also enter the following in the “SignatureFields” : instId:cartId:currency:amount
  • Save
  • Check the top of the page for any error messages (they are not always in view and you might think the settings were saved when in fact they were not)
  • now go to wppizza->gateways->worldpay and enter the “Installation Id”, “Payment Response password” and “MD5 secret for transactions” in the appropriate fields
  • set all other fields as required
  • Save
  • To test your settings, set the plugin into Test mode and use one of the test credit card numbers below
  • for testing card numbers click here
  • When switching to live mode and you get a bunch of errors when being redirected to the Worldpay payment page , you might have to ask Worldpay for approval first


Screenshots (click images for larger versions)

Frontend WPPizza Checkout

Frontend WorldPay Payment Page

Admin WPPizza

Admin WorldPay Account