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      if you need more than the 12 fields available under wppizza->order form settings try the following filters in your functions.php (As of

      'sort' => sets sort order
      'key' => should be unique (otherwise there isn't really any point)
      'lbl' => label of the field
      'type' => text, textarea, email or select 
      'enabled' => should really always be true (otherwise there isn't really any point doing this) 
      'required' => makes field required to be filled in
      'required_on_pickup' => makes field required to be filled in even when self pickup eabled
      'prefill' => prefills field (if available)
      'onregister'=> adds field to registration page
      'add_to_subject_line'=> will add output to subject lines of email
      'value'=> array() if type =email,text or textarea, array('val1','val2',....) if type=select
      'placeholder'=> set a placeholder for formfield
      add_filter( 'wppizza_filter_formfields_register', 'my_order_fields');//registration page. onregister must also be true
      add_filter( 'wppizza_filter_formfields_profile', 'my_order_fields');//profile page.
      add_filter( 'wppizza_filter_formfields_order', 'my_order_fields');//order form.
      function my_order_fields($formfields) {
      /**text field (set type=email if email field, type=textarea if textarea)**/
      $formfields[]=array('sort' => 0,'key' => 'billingname','lbl' => 'Billing Name :','type' => 'text','enabled' => 1,'required' => false,'required_on_pickup' =>false, 'prefill' => 1, 'onregister' => 1, 'add_to_subject_line'=>false, 'value' => array(),'placeholder'=>false);
      /**select field**/
      $formfields[]=array('sort' => 0,'key' => 'billingcountry','lbl' => 'Billing Country:','type' => 'select','enabled' => 1,'required' => false,'required_on_pickup' =>false, 'prefill' => 1, 'onregister' => 1, 'add_to_subject_line'=>false, 'value' => array('United Kingdom','United States'), 'placeholder'=>false);
      return $formfields;	
    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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