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    Hi Olly,

    In Italy we have this kind of problem with google maps (I do not know if it’s the same for all countries)
    When you digit a delivery address, there is the only one single way with digitization:
    “Address + house number + city” for example: via rivoli 6 genova
    Otherwise google rejects all sorts of errors, Can I ask you if it is possible that you ask these three things separately.

    Thank you in advance.


    Admin & Mod

    what “all sorts of errors” exactly ?
    and what do i have to do exactly to get those errors ?
    (and a link to your site you are referring to please)



    [maps] – error info if location entered by user is ambiguous or invalid<

    if it possible to put first the address without number house … the number of the house should be asked in the second time
    if the client dont write his address including the number house, google show an error address ”
    [maps] – error info if location entered by user is ambiguous or invalid”

    may be it s better for me to explane in russian,is it possible


    Admin & Mod

    sorry, but a correct address has to be entered including housenumber, if it is not entered (or google has no such location in it’s db), then it will rightly say the location is ambiguous

    i can assure you (not in the foreseeable future anyway), it will not change into a three part input, a user has to put in his full address (at least street, number , and in some cases town(depends on various settings)
    if he/she is not specific about a where he/she wants things delivered to , then the plugin should rightly reject the address (as you will have no idea where you are supposed to send things to)

    > in russian,is it possible
    no, sorry


    Admin & Mod

    in essence, regardless of how one does this, an address has to conform to a location google knows about .
    i am aware that in some locations , google has not indexed housenumbers, so a validation will say it’s ambiguous, but there’s nothing i can do about this

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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