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      Hy Olly,
      I installed the last release of Post/Zip Code 4.0.14. (The behaviour was the same also with the previuous version.)
      I deactivated all not wppizza plugins.
      When a user insert his address in the field and press “ENTER” key the first time the address is found. If he change, for some reason, the address and press “ENTER” again the address isn’t found and the message “Sorry, the address inserted is ambiguous…” appear. But if he change the address and press “TAB” key the address is found again.
      You can see this at
      Thank you in advance.

      Admin & Mod

        I’ll see if I can reproduce this here and will get back to you

        Admin & Mod

          sorry to take so long

          unfortunately , where I am this week , there is only very sporadic and slow internet so the whole connecting to google maps etc is timing out on me all the time. this will be better when I get out from here at the weekend. i’ll have a look at it then
          (just testing things on a localhost will simply not work in this case unfortunately)

          please bear with me for a few days


          Admin & Mod

            ok, it turns out , that the google maps api does not always return a street or house name/number for all locations (even if it is typed in to the address box) and the plugin simply says “ambiguous” as for a proper address you will be able to deliver to, you need of course more than just the street number

            I am really not sure if there is anything i will be able to do about this but I will see what i can do.
            maybe in cases where there is no housenumber returned there is a second/different api query that one can run … but at the moment i cannot tell you much more or indeed if this is doable

            (unfortuynately there will always be cases where the maps/distance calculation will simply not work – one of the reasons why that part of the plugin will probably always be marked as experimental/beta)

            Admin & Mod

              PS: the behaviour of enter and tabs also depends on how many results there are in the dropdown to start off with, so i would need a specific “order of events” – i.e “enter address abc” hit enter , enter address xyz – hit TAB etc to be able to reproduce this and be able to tell what the issue might be (if any)

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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