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WPPizza – A Restaurant Plugin for WordPress Support Add-Ons Gateways (SIM) change http GET to http POST

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      Hello again Olly…

      I got the following e-mail from today. I wanted to forward you a copy in case this will effect your plug in.

      Also wanted to ask if changing to “http post” method will work with your plugin and if it is something I need to change in WordPress… your plugin… or both. I’m trying to educate myself to the difference and how to make the changes right now. I mainly wanted to give you the heads up that this change is coming in case you wanted or needed to make changes to the plug in by July 30th.

      Dear Authorize.Net Merchant:
      During a system scan, we noticed that your website or payment solution is using the HTTP GET method when submitting your transaction requests to

      Because HTTP GET methods do not adhere to current TLS protection requirements, Authorize.Net will not allow HTTP GET methods for transaction requests as of July 30, 2016. We recommend that you immediately update your code to use the HTTP POST method instead.

      Any transaction request submitted using HTTP GET after July 30th will be rejected.

      Please contact your Web developer or solution provider for assistance, or check out our Certified Developer Directory at to find a developer to help you.
      Authorize.Net Certified Developers
      Authorize.Net Developers

      Thanks in advance for your assistance… Mitch

      Admin & Mod

        thanks for letting me know.
        yes, i will have to update the plugin, but that’s not difficult.

        personally i think their argument lacks merit and now one has to add another page of submissions in between, but I don’t think arguing with them will get us anywhere and i’ll just update the plugin instead

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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