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    Hi, the order page that you get redirected to after a purchase with epay is not the same as the order page from the “cash payment” method, my question is how do i edit the order page only for Epay and make it look like the default.
    you ca see what i mean here.

    this screenshot is for epay after a purchase

    and this is for “cash on delivery” payment

    see how the epay is wide and taking all the screen, and see how cash on delivery is like i design it on the order page, the order page is where i add this code [wppizza type=”orderpage”]

    i hope you get the idea.

    Admin & Mod

      what gets displayed is the same template on the page.
      difference being that on COD purchases the content gets dynamcially “replaced” (as there is no need for a page reload) whereas when returning from epay, the page gets loaded entirely (obviously)

      seems to me that your css might be targeting a container that exists on the order form page but does not exist when coming to the page back from epay

      essentially, you should be targeting .wppizza-cart-thankyou .some-element{/*some css*/}


      Thanks for that.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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