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    Hey Olly,

    first i have to explain why i ask for this “Feature Request”.

    I host my WordPress with your Plugin on a Cloud-Server, from a mass hoster.
    In fact that i am a worker of the Hosting-Company, i have nothing to pay for it. 🙂
    In the other fact, that this hoster have alot of customers (and so servers as well) the reputation of the IP-Range is not very good.

    So when customers of my customer do a order, then they get the confirmation mail. but often in the spam folder. Especially customers with a GMail Box. I’ve already cleard eeverything up, (DMARC, SPF, PTR, ect..) and everything passes, but I have no chance to get out of the spambox problem.

    However, I have another mailserver which I host on a hoster who know one knows with a real good reputation.
    I would like to get the mails, which are sending out over your plugin by a order through sendmail, to send over SMTP as SMTP-RElay to my mailserver.

    I’ve already tried to transform the mails into a SMTP-Relay sending, but I messed it up. 😀

    So thats why, I ask for a “Feature Request” to have a choice if i want to send them over sendmail or SMTP.

    Kind Regards

    Admin & Mod

    sorry, but wppizza really isn’t a mail sending options plugin
    the smtp settings are there for convenience as it might be useful in some cases of course
    if you want to have any other mail sending options you should be looking at some dedicated mail sending plugins of some sort (or of course write your own)

    apart from that though, are you sure you have set an appropriate “from” address ?
    i’ve seen quite a lot of people simply not reading the big red DMARC notice in the plugin , and then complain that emails are delayed or spammed or dont even arrive (none of which has anything to do with wppizza in those cases)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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