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    Jacob Wehtje

    Hi, very happy with the Autoprint addon – was dreading the end of Google Cloudprint. We are using the nodeprint solution.
    One particular feature we would like to add is to conditionally change the template or add a graphic depending on details in the order.
    In our particular case we want to add a prominent graphic when the order is a pre-order as we are having a prpblem with staff not checking the date when we are busy. But I can imagine the same principle could apply to many other situations – you might use different print formats for timed menus, or use custom fields only when an order has certain items.
    Is there a call that we could make already change some print options like either different template or printing a graphic depending upon whether an order is more than x time in the future?

    Admin & Mod

    just like you can filter printer id’s , printnode_api_key etc
    you can also filter any of the other plugin options in whichever way you like
    so in your case that will be the $printnode_options[‘print_template’] I would guess, assuming you have set-up additional templates as you require for what it is you want to do

    see here

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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