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    Roland van Balen

      Good afternoon,

      I can’t find the right extensions forum so I post my question here.
      We want to send only a text sms when the order is on its way.

      We like to display our company name in the sms (that’s possible with tm4b). in stead of our mobile number.
      We know that’s limited to one way communication but that’s fine for our purpose.


      Admin & Mod

        I assume you are referring to the Confirm/Reject/Notify plugin (you did not say) so I created a forum(s) for it that did not exist. Thanks for pointing that out.

        Regarding your question, the CRN plugin has a filter you can use to add your branding like so (as you know, this will only work if using one-way communications):

        add_filter('wppizza_crn_sms_branding', 'mysmsbranding');
        function mysmsbranding($sms_sender_id){
        overwrite sender id as required (here set to MyShop123 )
        a-zA-Z0-9 (and spaces) only, 11 characters max
        $sms_sender_id = 'MyShop123';
        return $sms_sender_id;

        (not tested as such, but should work I would think)


          Thank you so much for replying so quickly.
          Yes a am referring to the Confirm/Reject/Notify plugin.

          I looked in the plugin in the WordPress envoirement but I can’t find a “filter” in the settings.

          I also looked in the plugins/wppizza-crn folder (FTP).

          Thanks again.

          Admin & Mod

            You won’t find it in the “WordPress Environment” or in any directory. That’s not how WordPress filters work .
            You must familiarize yourself with this

            see here for a starting point
            – or in fact any WordPress actions/filters tutorial you can find with a quick search

            (at the most basic level, the filter/code above belongs into your [child]theme’s functions.php )

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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