connect a POS Printer with Android Tablet and auto Print

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      Hello admin and everyone,
      First of all special thanks for the team wo created such a amazing plugin for all kind of resturant menu.

      I have read different discussion about auto printing orders and got ideas how you guys have implemented it. But its not really clear for me. I want a process that auto prints all the orders. MY idea is simply connecting a POS 80 mm Wifi printer(Thermal Printer) with a android tablet via Wifi because i don’t want have space to place a computer in the restaurant. Then auto send email to outlook for every new order. Then set a rule in outlook to send print order to my POS printer everytime there is a email in my outlook.

      The second option is to print a odder via cloud printing. Do i need any external device to be connnected with my printer if Í want to auto print order via Cloud Print. Thanks to Wp Pizza plugin, it is possible to send order information automatically to google cloud. Then how can I set google cloud to print automatically after receiving any new order?

      I hope some of you already found a optimal solution. Can you please suggest me which printer(the model name so i can buy the same one) do I need and how you guys made auto printing possible.

      It would be a great help for me and hopefully for others too.

      Admin & Mod

        i would suggest you have a look at these resources as to how cloudprint works and which printers are compatible (and in what way )

        other than that , maybe somebody else can help you with your thermal/pos printer.
        personally i know nothing about these (and generally cannot comment on hardware anyway)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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