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    Dear Olly,

    For a long time I have had problems with the security of the plugin “Sidebar Login”.
    The provider has stopped developing it.
    Can you recommend me a good plugin which I can add as a widget in the front page so that the shop customers can register.

    I get a lot of new registrations but they are not eighth customers, just spam users!
    The wordpress and all plugins are up to date.

    Thanks for feedback and advice.

    Admin & Mod

    Sorry, but I really cannot advise you on other plugins
    However, regarding registration spam, that typically has nothing to do any kind of login widget anyway (spammers typically don’t click on links but attack things programmatically)

    What i *can* say is that i killed a lot of registration spam by adding this recently:

    it’s a bit quirky in places (and somewhat brute force) but in my case it stopped a lot of obviously fake registrations – it’s a start i guess and there are of course 1000’s of other security plugins anyway that [claim] to deal with this stuff too but that’s all down to personal preference and particular setup of course as to what is the right way for you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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