Delivery Start Time Needed

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    Hi Oly,
    No issues with the plugins with the store owner receiving pickup and delivery orders without issues. One of the problems we are facing is that our customers don’t read banners or messages and still order deliveries before the time they start. Is there anyway to disable the delivery option during open hours until the shop has a driver. The example is they open at 2:00pm but deliveries start at 4:30pm. I looked in the documentation and may have overlooked a solution.

    Also a suggestion for table ordering is that any restuarant that needs this only have to use the postcode delivery option and setup tables as destinations and they can split the order across their location. Only caveat is that they dont use it for deliveries.

    Admin & Mod

    re pickup/delivery times
    maybe you are looking for this

    re table ordering / dine-in (or whatever you want to call it):
    am in the middle of doing something on that front, though no ETA at all yet (might even get abandoned altogether, depending on how it goes)
    something along the lines of (simplistically speaking)
    customer scans QR code on table and orders something – after a waiter has generated an access code for that table –
    order gets sent to kitchen in some way/shape or form.
    customer(s) at that table can add new orders as the day progresses
    when they want to pay , ask the waiter or pay online right there (with being able to split payments between people at table etc etc )

    again, it’s kind of early days on that front , but i’ll make some alpha version available on request when the time comes to get some real user input , as opposed to myself imagining things….


    Hi Oly,
    Thanks for the reply will look at the opening times option and see if i can make it work for the pizza shop. On the ordering from a table sounds like a great option and would be nice but may be a but to much for some restaurants. Perhaps a simple way for the waiter or waitress to log what table the order is coming from if they use WP Pizza as an inhouse POS system.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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