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      I’ve just started helping a client maintain their website. The old agency installed some Wppizza extensions, but the licence keys have expired. Unfortunately, he updated the main Wppizza plugin. I suspect this is the reason why some extensions like the Goodcom printer no longer work as they should. Is there any chance of getting version 3.8.2? Do you think this would hel at allp?

      The versions are:

      Confirm|Reject|Notify: 1.10
      Goodcom Printer: 1.7
      Mailinglists: 1.2
      Add Ingredients: 5.1.6
      Coupons and Discounts: 2.1.2
      Delivery By Postcode: 5.2.2
      Gateway Paypal: 5.3
      Preorder: 3.3
      Timed Menu:

      Admin & Mod

        Firts of all, it really kind of depends on what (wppizza) version you were updating *from*.
        That said, I cannot see the versions of the other plugins you are using causing too much of an issue, but you should enable debug and find out what your issues are.

        Furthermore, when you are saying ” getting version 3.8.2″ , I do not know what plugin you are actually referring to. If it’s the main wppizza plugin, send me an email to dev [at] and i can send it to you (but as mentioned, I do not actualy think that would solve any issue you are having )

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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