Premium Extensions: Bundles and Discounts

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      At the prices things are, I do not offer any discounts on premium extensions or gateways given the development and support involved.

      The prices for the extensions/gateways are already as low as I can make them, to make continuous development and support worthwhile. (Even more so if considering other comparable solutions.)

      However, there are now extension bundles as well as the so called “Mix’N’Match Bundle” available, which offer some type of discounts up to a certain extend. Please refer to the description of each of those “Bundles” / “Mix’n’Match discount” as to what kind of discount they offer.
      (Please note: none of these include any payment gateway)

      Naturally, I have no problem with people asking for discounts of course. However, other than the exceptions mentioned above I just do not offer any at the moment.

      Sorry to have to disappoint.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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