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      I think I found a workaround…
      Minimum days in advance = 0
      Minimum preparation time = 1440
      With this we are able to place an order on Thrusday (shop is closed) for pickup on Friday…
      The shop closes on Friday at 17h30 so on Thursday you can’t place any orders anymore for Friday after 17h30 Thursday evening.

      @ Olly, please change the function for preorder so that orders can also be made online when the shop is closed.

      Admin & Mod

        no. what you are summising is not the case.
        The way it works is this:
        you can only (ever) order for days/times when you are open (that was always the case and the whole point of the thing).
        unless you say otherwise in the plugin (only proorder for today while open etc), you can order for the next time you are open (if ordering when closed) or next timeslot available .

        Nothing has changed there .

        If you are saying you want to have one day minimum lead , then that applies (as explained)

        additionally – in no particular order:

        >We should be able to place an order on everyday of the week but, regardless if shop is open or not, …..
        yup, that’s the point of the plugin (unless you are restricting things in the option settings to your requirement) but of course you can only order *FOR* days whe you are open

        > but only be able to select the days the shop is open for pickup, …
        not sure what pickup has to do with things here ?! but yes, you can only place an order for a time/day when the shop is open

        >even if it’s tomorrow.
        not if you are saying you want one day in advance (we seem to be going round the houses here).
        It makes no sense to me to say I want a (business)day in advance notice , but say at the same time I do not need a day in advance notice if I am closed (at which time you would not know anything about that order, so – as mentioned above – you’d see an order (made on thirsday when you are closed) on friday (when you return to the shop) for friday, so your 1 day notice has just evaporated.

        I almost feel we are talking about different things here. Which bit above is the one where I’m going wrong in your opinion.
        I’m happy to be convinced, but have not heard anything yet, that makes me think the way it works now is wrong (not withstanding the fact that you migh want it to work differently)

        >With the current situation: if your shop is only open 3 days (friday, saturday and sunday) a week it’s not possible to place/register an order
        >This means also that if you want to place an order for next Friday you can only do this on saturday or sunday when working with full days?
        No, it does not mean that. It’s one business day in advance from now . next week friday (assuming its thursday for example) is 8 days from now. if you are closed on thursday / after closing thursday you can order for sat/sun/mon/tue/wed etc etc (provided you are open on those days in th e first place – naturally)
        Unless of course you are saying I will only accept orders “2 days in advance” for example as well as “minimum days in advance” one day or somesuch…

        Admin & Mod

          > @ Olly, please change the function for preorder so that orders can also be made online when the shop is closed.
          Again, that’s what it does unless you are telling the plugin not to , so I do not know what it is you want me to do here :/

          Admin & Mod

            >….Workaround….Minimum preparation time = 1440
            Lol, yes, that would have probably been the right setting to start off with.
            That’s what that field is for after all, i.e if you need 24 hour warning at least than that’s the one (24 hours being actually different to 1 day due to DSTs )
            Of course , this will allow you to order on thursday (when you are closed) at say 13:00 for friday @13:00….which is where the min advance days would have come in .

            But this may be what you are intending anyway. Only you will know how that works in your scenario though

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