Google Cloud Print will be disabled on December 31, 2020

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    Kim Koldtoft

    Just FYI in case, you missed it.

    Guess we need a new solution for 2021.

    Email screenshot

    Admin & Mod

    sorry for the late reply…i had actually missed this (but now know of course)

    other than using a printer that can connect directly to email accounts for example, I cannot see any other equivalent solution anywhere that would allow us to do what google cloudprint does. so this is a bit , errm, annoying (to say the least)

    i live in hope that perhaps someone else will pick up the pieces (IBM, facebook, MS anyone really with the resources) and we can continue using it after 2021 – or perhaps google will change their mind. This change will affect 1000’s of servers/sites after all …..

    if anyone else reads this and has some idea as to how to replace this , I would be more than happy to hear it.
    I couldn’t find anything myself that allows to print directly from a website to a network printer without having to have some computer in the middle turned on all the time (and that’s not propriotory and only works for one set of printers…)

    again, any ideas would be appreciated on that front

    Stanislav Bukviar

    I fount this one:

    I am not sure if this we can use, I dont rly understeand how all this work Clund print work,
    but thay say Google Cloud Print alternative so maybe this helps…

    Admin & Mod

    > re:
    unless I’m mistaken, this seems somewhat pointless as a computer/device has to be on
    Make the switch from Google Cloud Print to easy printing from Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Macs, Windows, and Android devices.
    So one of the following solutions here is just as valid i would think (and easier too)

    The beauty of cloudprint was/is that you can directly print to the printer *without* another device in between, so i don’t think “papercut” is the alternative we are looking for

    Stanislav Bukviar

    I know this is/was perfect solution, but if this will not continue to work,
    I will be happy even if computer/device has to be on, if that will print automaticky…
    *becouse this is main reason of what customers want (I think, on main part.. they dont care if device is on or off)

    Admin & Mod

    >I will be happy even if computer/device has to be on, if that will print automaticky

    yes, i understand that, but if you are happy with a computer being running , then various solutions (if you want to call it that) already exist from what i can see i.e
    no need to re-invent the wheel I would think

    alternatively, as far as i know, there are also already plenty of printers that can poll an email address and print out what’s in the email queue.

    Essentially, I/We are looking for something that can print directly from the site when an order is received without any computer being in between. Furthermore, I will only spend time developing such a thing if it is somewhat universally usable, i.e something that works for more or less all or at least a majority of printers, not something that needs a different plugin for each different printer or some such

    Admin & Mod

    PS: I made an exception with the goodcom printer plugin as those thermal printers seem to be somewhat popular and provide an API – (albeit not that easy to configure as that API is not exactly the most userfriendly/intuitive thing on the planet….)

    Admin & Mod

    some more solutions seem to be here
    (still needs a computer to be on though from what i can see though, therefore not a direct replacement as such)
    this would – seemingly , though not tested – actually somewhat work with the cloudprint plugin insofar as you can set the printer id to be “__google_docs” which would in effect add the order to your google drive and you might be able to use the software linked here to autoprint
    I haven’t tested this – somewhat busy with other things currently – so if there’s someone that has tried this, I’d be very happy to hear it


    Auto print is not so difficult, of an order is placed wppizza send an email, with rules we can print auto when a email of wppizza arives…but print an email is different than print the order, the problem with print an email are the headers who are printed as well

    and here we are talking on an A4 paper, printing on a restaurant-printer give a result of many, many paper… or do i missed something?

    Admin & Mod

    just to add to this thread (to somewhat keep it one place)
    quote from :

    ‘Have a look at Automatic Email Manager by Namtuk. Checks and prints on a minute basis and gives you control of the fonts so the restaurant pass has no problem in reading it.’


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