Google Maps – several issues

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      Hi Olly,

      We are using the extension “delivery-by-postzipcode” with google maps api on the following website:

      We encounter a problem with the the input field “wppizza-dbp-map-location”. Whenever you have entered an initial direction (manually with google-autocomplete or by accepting the browser to use my geolocattion), it is very tricky to edit the direction afterwards manually. Why? The autocomplete-function seems not to be triggered any more after the initial input. Especially if the user hits enter, he will get an error. In my testing, autocomplete is triggered only if I click somewhere else. Hitting the enter button does not trigger the autocomplete-function.

      Do you have an idea, why this is the case? Will there be a fix to this?

      P.S.: I also get the following warning (Chrome Developer Tools): Google Maps JavaScript API has been loaded directly without a callback. This is not supported and can lead to race conditions and suboptimal performance. For supported loading patterns please see

      Best regards


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        As it happens, I am in the process of re-writing the whole thing currently (though this may take a little bit longer yet as it will require a bit more testing)
        I’ll see if I can perhaps do some interim update on the current version….

        (Btw, at it also quite happily says: “In the script tag that loads the Maps JavaScript API, it is possible to omit the defer attribute and the callback parameter.”…..i.e load it as it is loaded currently )

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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