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    Facundo Farias


      I think your plugin meets almost all of the requirements for the site I’m trying to build.
      Could you help me with one use case?

      • The site would have a list of stores
      • The stores are actually franchises, so all of them would have the same menu and the same prices
      • I would like to allow customers to chose self-pickup
      • I would like to allow customers, if they chose self-pickup, to choose from which of the stores

      Also, I would like to use your WpPizza ‘Delivery by Post/Zip-Code’ Extension as follows:
      * Use it in Argentina (I didn’t buy it yet, as first I would like to confirm it’s possible or if it only works in some area)
      * Associate each store with one or more Zip Codes, setttng the delivery price here (from Store A to Zip 1 $10, from Store B to Zip 1 $8)
      * When a customer enters her zip code, associate the order with the store with the lowest delivery price for that zip code (for Zip 1, Store B)
      * If the customer choses to pick up the order, pre-select for her the first store with that zip code associated if there’s one (either Store A or B)

      Is there a chance for you to extend the plugin to cover these functionalities?
      If so, how much time would it take? Does it have any cost?

      I have a deadline for the project and I’m willing to code these features by myself, and in such case contribute the code for you to extend WPPizza, or for others to use a combination of two plugins.
      Do you have guidelines for this, or some set of developement docs?

      What do you recommend?

      Thanks in advance

      Admin & Mod


        I might be misunderstanding things, but to me it sounds like you are overcomplicating this.

        In the zip/postcode plugin, you enter a number of zip/postcodes (these don’t have to be actual postcodes but could be Buenos Aires North, Buenos Aires West etc etc. whatever you want really)

        With each of these postcodes, you associate delivery charges and the email address as to which store this order should be sent to.

        Typically (there is an option to enable that in the plugin), when a customer comes to your website, you make him choose the post/zipcode he is on, which subsequently calculates the delivery charges and sends any order to the appropriate store (email)

        If he/she chooses self pickup, delivery charges will be zero, but the email/order will still be sent to the email associated with this zipcode

        What I dont quite understand is this :

        When a customer enters her zip code, associate the order with the store with the lowest delivery price for that zip code

        isnt it the other way round ? i.e when the customer enters his/her zipcode, the appropriate store associated with this zipcode gets automatically used ?

        As I said, I might be misunderstanding things…of course, feel free to comment

        Facundo Farias

          Thanks for your response!

          Now I see, I could use the zip code plugin as you describe, or creating entries like ‘Store A’, ‘Store B’, etc.

          The case I was thinking allows me to have two (or more) stores delivering in the same area, hence the automatic selection of the store with the lowest delivery price to that area. But as you say, it’s overcomplicated.

          Thank you again!

          Admin & Mod

            you’re welcome

            incidentally, the plugin wont allow you to have 2 of exactly the same zipcodes (or in your case storenames) anyway.
            However, you could of course cheat when using the same zipcode 2x

            i.e you could name it

            • zip123 [Store A: delivery charges free above 50, below 10 per order]
            • zip123 [Store B: delivery charges free above 30, below 15 per order]

            you now have the same zip, but they are different ….

            and then let the customer decide which works for him……

            just a thought though. entirely up to you of course

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