Hi Olly,Thanks for the great plugin.I have…

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    Dragan Filipović

      Hi Olly,
      Thanks for the great plugin.
      I have just one request:
      DON’T upgrade basic plugin into something to complicated.
      We already have enough messed up ecommerce plugins with tons of stuff (which we use once in a lifetime).


      Admin & Mod


        I have no intention of doing so 🙂

        the whole point of the thing is to keep it reasonably simple.

        There might be some minor additions in the future if those could be helpful to everybody and if these do not over-complicate things. (and of course bugfixes if required)

        But if I can ever think of (or have requests for) some major additions , I’ll put them in a separate plugins.

        I already had some requests to have delivery charges by weight, multicurrency , integration with woocommerce, a nutrition calculator and god knows what else.

        As far as I’m concerned. If one needs something that granular, one should probably be looking at the likes of woocommerce etc to start off with anyway.

        Sure, there are some things like making items only available at certain times, offering coupons/discounts/buy on get one free etc offers, or having a whole analysis of who ordered what/when/wherefrom etc.

        At some point – when I get round to it – I’ll possibly do those I would have thought as I can see reasons why people might want these capabilities. However, they will definitely be in separate plugins….

        I shut up now. Glad the plugin works for you

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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