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    I’m managing an online store for food delivery, and we need to add a deposit with an amount that will be returned to the client in different situations. But… how could I add this? because it depends of the number of portions…
    (because it depends of the size of the pan they deliver…)

    I would also need a WPPizza expert developer… to hire her/him to do some changes to the website. I have wide experience in WP, but it’s the first time I use this plugin.


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    >… how could I add this?
    I dont know your exact scenario
    but i would have thought you can just set it up like any other menu item and just label it like $x.xx per portion instead
    of the usual “small” (or whatever else you want to say in the sizes settings)

    I dont offer custom development ( , but
    there is plenty of documentation regarding filter, actions etc here
    that can be used for all sorts of modifications i would have thought


    Hi, Olly!

    Thanks for your answer!

    Well, it is complicated. This restaurant delivers at your home dishes made in concrete steel pans. So, there are 3 sizes, the first is for 2 o 3 people. And they need a 10€ deposit… so, I can’t add a concrete increment for each dish. Because the chef is tailoring cooking every dish for the client… the second size is for 4, 5 or 6 people… and the deposit is 20 € (it is the same total deposit no matter if the dish is for 4 than for 6 people…).

    I should find a way that… at the end, when calculating the delivery fee, Taxes, etc… could be a field calculating for how many people is each dish… so then the correct amount of deposit is added to the bill.

    I hope I can explain myself! 😅😅 I’m getting crazy with this project…

    Thank you!


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    easiest seems to me to name it “multiples of 3” or some such, then put in the description of the item something that explains how it works i.e
    upto 3 -> 10.00
    upto 6 -> 20.00
    upto 9 -> 30.00
    so if you add just one of those “products” the price is 10, add another one, price is 20 etc etc

    alternatively you can do something based on those ideas here
    for instance the “chicken curry” could be “upto3”, “4-6” and “7-9” (or whatever your steps are) with the prices set as needed

    or go even further and do something along the lines of the “Platters” on that same page

    all seems quite doable to me…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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