Howto change the postcaode after first input

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    Reinhard Swietly


      is there a possibility to change the postcode after the first input ?

      For example, the customer entered the wrong postcode and want to change it during the order process

      Thank you in advance for help

      Admin & Mod

        I dont think I understand the question.
        as the postcode is on the checkout page, unless you have it disabled somehow, he/she can just change it to whatever is the right postcode

        Reinhard Swietly

          Hi Olly,

          here’s what i have done :

          a minimum order for free delivery and 6 postcodes set. When entering the page with the articles a popup appears with the postcodes in a dropdown menü. After the customers choice of his delivery postcode the amount of minimum order is displayed in the cart. So far so good. But after that i can’t see a possibility to change the postcode for ordering. Because we have some nearly postcodes (i.e. 1210, 1220, 2230, 2231, 2232) it is likely possible take the wrong option.

          For now we only offer order by phone in case of some organisational behavior, but in a couple of weeks we will offer also online ordering per mail.

          All the best

          Admin & Mod

            the user will also have to specifically click on “OK” to confirm his/her selection/postcode.

            As mentioned, the user can also change that selection again if it’s necessary on the orderpage.

            As I really think this is a hypothetical issue, there are no plans (currently at least) to change anything in the way this particular implementation works

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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