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    Stanislav Bukviar


    is posible to add this feature ?

    When we have action for example “Buy 2 pizzas for 10€” and someone add 10inredients to each pizza we cannot give him this pizzas for 10€ =(

    Is posible to aply discount only for Pizza items but normaly count added ingredients ?


    Admin & Mod

    I can see where you are coming from. I’ll have a look at that (but no promises or ETA at the moment)
    I am not even sure right now whether this would have to be added to the discounts (probably) or the ingredients plugin.

    In any event, can you post a screenshot of your particular discount settings you have – so i have a starting point of some sort ?



    Stanislav Bukviar

    Sure here are my settings for this discount:

    I suggest to add thus to discounts plugin as you mentioned above,
    maybe to every simple discount add someting like checkbox “igonore added ingredients in total”


    Stanislav Bukviar

    Any news here for this ?


    Admin & Mod

    not at the moment, but i;m hoping to get to have a look at this in the next week or two


    Admin & Mod

    And then again, sometimes it’s easier than expected ….
    I’ve just made v2.0.14 available (might take a little bit to show up in you plugins screen as an update being available)
    that adds an option of “Baseprice Only” when setting a “Cheapest [x] Items Reduced” discount
    I.e it will leave any add-ons (namely Ingredients added to an item) at full price if that option is selected


    Stanislav Bukviar

    Good Job, thank you very much…

    I find just one bug or maybe its based on my settings: https://prnt.sc/nvd7aw

    When I add first 2 items which price is below fixed price define in discount, this ignore my setting of fixed price (this is actuealy good becouse we dont want to increase price right…) but after that I add 2 items which price is above and should be reduced, but nothing happand: https://prnt.sc/nvd8kt

    But when I do this in reverse order:
    Add 2 items items which prices are abouve fixed price they are reduced (as expected): https://prnt.sc/nvdccb

    You cen test whole discount here:


    Admin & Mod

    haven’t yet checked this in detail, but my guess would be it’s because “Multi-Apply” is off.

    i.e if it’s off, it only applies this to the first time the condition is met .
    in your described case that’s for your 3 pizzas that are below the minimum price set, in which case the discount applied will be zero (as it’s no discount at all if you charge a fixed price of 3 x 4.49 as opposed to the “natural” 3×4.19)

    as the condition was met, subsequent conditions met will be ignored.
    If you enable “multi-apply” then it will consider ALL instances of the condition met.

    Again, haven’t yet checked in detail, but I would expect that to be the issue at hand


    Stanislav Bukviar

    Problem here is, that I can enable Multi-Apply, because its discount only for 2 Klasic Pizzas 1x
    thatn mean For 4x Klasc pizza I still need aply only discout for 2 pizzas and next 2 are for full price =)

    But I understeamd what you mean…

    Meybe I cen create new kategory just for this discount
    (where will be all klasis pizzas without pizzas, which price are bellow my defined fiexed price)


    Admin & Mod

    the idea is that if you buy 3 at a fixed price, you should also be able to buy 6 at 2x the fixed price
    after all, i could just send you 2 separate orders – with more work for you – and i’ll get the discount 2 times regardless

    NOT enabling MultiApply does not make too much sense to me in the first place to be honest (but it’s there if someone really wants it and there may well be circumstances/setups where this might be totally appropriate too)


    Admin & Mod

    PS: i would not think you necessarily need to create a new category , but simply set the required items as opposed to a whole category
    or somewhat copy the discount settings but setting different required menu items there . etc etc

    creating a different category would probably also work – perhaps using the shortcode like [wppizza category=”cat1, cat2″] to display them together

    just some ideas of the top off my head here


    Stanislav Bukviar

    Finaly I convince boss to make this discount multiple. so all work fine now.

    Many thanks to you, for “Baseprice Only” feature =)


    Stanislav Bukviar

    I find bug here..

    When I use “Baseprice Only” that ignore settign “menu items in cart must belong to these categories for discount to apply”
    and aply discount for 1 item in card (from diferent category as I specify…)


    Admin & Mod

    can you post a screenshot of your settings please

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