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    ingredients appear automatically according to your choice:
    For example:
    articles: Steak with salad or French fries

    When the customer clicks on Steak, it should first appear with salad or French fries only.
    If salad is selected, salad sauce will appear automatically
    If French fries is selected, ketchup, mayonnaise etc. should appear.

    All together in one window I can already create. But during the first window only salad or fries should appear without ingredients.

    Thanks for your efforts and tip

    Admin & Mod

    sorry, but there will be no such conditionals (at least not in the short or medium term , and probably not in the long term either) between ingredients groups

    however, given that there are lots of classes and id’s associated with each group/settings etc , you could , conceivably, write some javascript that allows for that in any of your given situations..

    Admin & Mod

    PS: although -evidently – a lot of things are possible which are somewhat out of the scope of the purpose of the plugin, it is first and foremost an “add ingredients (to an item)” plugin and not a combo offers / combo deals / meal deals – or similar – plugin …

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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