Is / Are the plugin(s) available in my language ?

WPPizza – A Restaurant Plugin for WordPress Support Translations Is / Are the plugin(s) available in my language ?

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      wppizza and all wppizza plugins available on have a distinct localization section which makes all frontend strings editable and therefore translatable into any language you like – even if the initial install will in most cases prefill those localization strings with english defaults.

      furthermore , the main wppizza plugin also already has most admin strings translated into various languages (currently DE, ES, IL, IT, NL). However, due to the fact that the plugin(s) is/are under constant development, some new strings might not yet be translated as they might have been changed or added since the translation was made.

      If you want to update the already included default translations or indeed add a new one to any of the plugins, feel free to do so using the default .po files and make sure you send me a copy when you are done so I can add your translation to the plugin(s). Your efforts will be much appreciated.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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