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    Mahmood Motamedi

      i?m looking for a wppizza specialist, who can help me updating php7.8 to the most recent version, also updating all wppizza plugins im using. When i update the plugins i get minor and major bugs in my online shop:
      labarcamuenchen . de [url link edited by admin]

      Additionally i look for a person who can gibe support, when errors or problems come up in the online shop.

      Please contact me

      Admin & Mod

        Have you enabled debug (https://docs.wp-pizza.com/troubleshooting/) and checked your debug.log ?

        If the results there do not mean anything to you it would appear to me you don’t need a “specialist”, but simply someone with a modest understanding of wordpress/php
        why not contact the person that setup your site to begin with ? I’m sure he should be able to help you with the basics of updating plugins…

        please also note, this forum is not a jobadvertising/seekers forum. there are other dedicated forums for this sort of thing


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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