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      By default only 50 ingredients and 25 custom groups will be displayed per page (plus pagination) in your admin section.

      this is to eliminate any possible post_max_input variables or similar limitations that your server may have. (*most* servers will have a maximum of 1000 as default)

      if you are CERTAIN your server is set up to handle more than the number of input variables on those pages you can override the 50/25 by setting the following constants in your wp-config.php

      define('WPPIZZA_AI_MAX_IPP','75');//to display 75 ingredients per page
      define('WPPIZZA_AI_MAX_CGPP','50');//to display 50 custom groups per page

      note: every ingredient on the ingredients screen will have AT LEAST 5 input fields (if more than one price, than more)
      so, assuming you want to show 100 ingredients with 2 prices each you will have *at least* 600 input variables plus a few other input fields needed elsewhere.

      so – to be safe – make sure your sever accepts *at least* 650 input variables and if ingredients have more than 2 prices, even more

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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