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    Kim Koldtoft


      I have a client running on WP-Pizza, who recently expanded from having 1 restaurant to have 2. And soon they will have 3.

      Right now I am just running who separate site, on each of their own sub-domain, with totally different files and databases.

      The would like to do the following.
      1) Have shared coupon codes that work across all sites / shops.
      2) Have shared users that work across all sites / shops.
      3) Have separate order histories and accounting data for each site / shop.
      4) Have separate payment gateways connected to each site / shop.

      I have a ton of other stuff I need to find out, but I just wanted to get my head around, if this setup is possible at all, or if it’s something I would have to get custom build. Or if maybe you have a better suggestion for a solution?

      Admin & Mod

        In answer to your questions:

        >re 1)
        Generally, coupon codes – assuming we are talking about the coupons/discount plugin – are per site and are not “synchronized” – so to speak – across subsites
        So a coupon code of some sort on site A will not be valid on site B (and vice versa). Nor will a code used on site A be marked as already used on site B

        > re 2)
        Wordpress multisite setups can share all users across all sites (somewhat anyway – i.e there’s only one users table , but there can be restrictions between sites for users. please see the wordpress codex for more info )

        > re 3)
        by default each (sub) site has its own order history / reports etc (although the master/parent site of a multisite setup can optionally – see wppizza->settings:multisite – display orders and generate reports etc from/including ALL sub-sites if so desired)

        > re 4)
        wppizza->gateways (for each site) allows you to enable/disable gateways (checkbox wppizza->gateways) as required for each site if enable sitewide.
        Alternatively simply dont/do enable the gateway plugin for each site assuming you did not enable the/a gateway plugin sitewide to start off with

        generally I would suggest you initially familiarize yourself with a multisite setup though – perhaps installing this sort of thing on a test server somewhere – as I am sure many things will become clearer when you do

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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