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    Hi Olly and Team.
    Like many users I’m sure, we have multiple options for some of our store items. I know that “meal sizes” can be used for that purpose. Because there are up to 4-5 options on some of our items I don’t love how the multiple carts clog up our clean looking store front.
    It seems obvious that the Add Ingredients extension can also be used for this and the integration in the examples looks great. Before we settle on that are there any other options I’m missing in the main plugin or with other extensions?
    Thanks and keep up the great work.

    Admin & Mod

    not sure what you mean by “muliple carts” , but other than that, there isn’t really any other way to set “variations” (if you want to call it that) I can see apart from meal sizes and the add ingredients options and/or a combination thereof


    Sorry I just meant the cart icons.
    It does seem like the Add Ingredients extension should do the trick.

    I do have one concern based on how we’ll be using the extension.
    I’ll use bottles of soda as an example. The Menu item might be “Soda bottle, various flavors, $3.”
    Once this Menu item is clicked, the Add Ingredients options display with the various soda flavors. Only then (once specific flavor and quantities are added and the Add to Cart button is clicked) should the $3 price (or multiple thereof) get tabulated.

    So essentially the price of the underlying Menu Item should be zero (even though it would read as $3 on the main Menu page)
    Or is there a more straightforward way of doing this?


    I bought the extension assuming that Olly might have built in a solution for our specific need. In the wealth of options under Custom Groups there is a control that sets the first ingredient to free — which was a perfect workaround solution for us.
    Now to customizing and then adding the inventory extension…

    Admin & Mod

    sorry about the late reply here – I am literally in the middle of moving house so my response times are not quite what I would like them to be currently. Apologies.

    Luckily, you were able to answer your own question and found a way to cater for your scenario which I am happy to hear.

    Thanks for the feedback and posting your solution here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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