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      Hi! I’m trying to set up a restaurant website and checking out restaurant plugins to find one that fits all my needs. I am looking to receive orders ahead of time for things like seasonal items. I know there is a preorders extension but wasn’t sure it would do this kind of stuff (at least not for someone who isn’t competent in coding, which I’m not). For example, during Valentines day I might want to set up preorders a couple days ahead of time for a valentines food item (say heart-shaped pizza) and then customers can pick it up a few days later. Any suggestions on how I might accomplish this? Thanks!

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        >…wasn’t sure it would do this kind of stuff…

        no, it does not.
        all it does is open the shop/site for ordering outside your regular opening times for an order to be fulfilled during your opening times (with some timeslots 5/10/15 etc minutes per hour during your openingtimes)
        ,though there are a couple of more settings that can be set to tweak some things a bit more

        It does *not* do anything like “order “item A” now (lets say on the 10th Feb) for it to be *only* available on the 14th Feb for example

        hope that clears things up…

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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