Optimizing the ‘Snacks for Pickup’ Menu: Eliminating Delivery Option

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      Dear Olly,

      I have a small problem in our customer shop that I haven’t been able to solve yet.
      In the shop’s main menu, we have “Snacks” and “Snacks for Pickup” options.
      When customers click on “Snacks,” they can purchase products as usual and decide whether they want them delivered or if they prefer to pick them up. The prices of the items automatically adjust based on the chosen delivery or pickup option.

      The issue lies with the “Snacks for Pickup” menu:
      There are products listed there that are only available for pickup and cannot be delivered. The reason behind this is that delivering these particular products wouldn’t be cost-effective.

      However, there are some clever customers who still select the delivery option and purchase products intended for pickup only. Despite having a warning message in place, people still order these products for delivery.

      How can I set up the “Snacks for Pickup” menu in a way that it can only be used for pickup? When customers click on the “Snacks for Pickup” menu, the delivery option should not be displayed.

      Best regards,

      Admin & Mod

        I can see 3 options here

        a) setup a second site / clone your site (multisite i guess) where site a is delivery ony and site b is pickup only (with the relevant items available) and links somewhere to switch between the 2 sites depending on if someone wants delivery or pickup
        – relatively easy to do but of course you need to maintain 2 sites somewhat

        b) write some js that analises whats in the cart when switching from pickup to delivery and vice versa and show alert as required (or even prohibit switching !)
        Use the globally available “wppizzaCartJson” object – should be self-explanetory as to what it what
        (the existance of this object is deliberately not documented anywhere as it might still change but for now I cannot see any reason why it should , so its reasonably save for the moment to use – at least for the foreseeable future – but at your own risk)
        – needs some scripting but should not be too complicated and avoids having to maintain 2 sites. js only.

        c) something based on https://docs.wp-pizza.com/developers/?section=change-prices-of-menu-items-depending-on-day-of-week
        with some js too perhaps to alert users plus a number of other things (removing iytem form cart or changing pickup to delivery etc etc)
        – probably can be made the most elegent, but by no means trivial

        … writing out loud so to speak, I’d personally would probably go for b) in your case

        hope that helps

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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