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      Hey Olly,

      I just had 2 orders via PayPal. Luckily i recived a message on my phone from PayPal that i have recived money from 2 ordrs but only 1 got printed out (via cloud print extension)

      I looked in the log file but to be honest, i have no idea. I will post the log on a private message since there are customer details inside. Could you maybe please see what went wrong and what i can do to prevent it?

      Thank you

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        Admin & Mod

          the error is because mc_gross does not match (as it says).
          i.e whats in the db and what got paid at paypal

          (it should actually say here “mc_gross does not match: 228 | 229” and not “mc_gross does not match: 229 | 229”, but that’s cosmetics i will fix in an update)

          fact is, the returned value form paypal is mc_gross 228.00 (which – presumably – is what got paid there), but what (should) have been sent and paid for was 229.00

          can you send me a link to your site so i can try and reproduce this with the items that were ordered here ?

          Admin & Mod

            no need to send me a link.
            i can see this from your paypal address.
            i also tried to reproduce this now on your site and i get the same error (i.e 229 at checkout , but only 228 when paying at paypal)

            i will see if i can reproduce this here somehow….

            will get back to you when i know

            Admin & Mod

              can you send m a screenshot of your paypal settings (send it to dev[at]wp-pizza.com)

              Admin & Mod

                oh, and of your delivery charges settings too please (especially the charges and the discount section)


                Admin & Mod

                  the question is how i get on your site to the following :


                  Subtotalkr 215
                  Rabatkr -22
                  Udbringningkr 30
                  Gebyrkr 5

                  amounts to 228 and not 229…..

                  it might be a rounding error somwhere when decimals are not displayed, but i need to know your settings (paypal surcharges, discounts, delivery costs)


                    Hi again,

                    I have send the screenshots.
                    Please tell me if you need anything else.

                    Admin & Mod

                      >I have send the screenshots.
                      thanks, got them

                      >Please tell me if you need anything else.
                      will do. will try to reproduce this here first

                      and will keep you posted

                      Admin & Mod

                        ok, i can reproduce this , and yes, it’s a rounding error when not displaying decimals.
                        i will have to look a bit in more detail as to where exactly this error occurs.

                        in the meantime , do the following:
                        in wppizza-gateway-paypal.php at approx line 682 you will find the following:

                        // 4 - Make sure the amount(s) paid match
                        if ((string)$gatewayReply['mc_gross'] != (string)$orderDetails['total']) {
                        $errmsg .= __("mc_gross does not match: ",'wppizza-gateway-paypal');
                        $errmsg .= $orderDetails['total']." | ".$orderDetails['total']."\n";

                        just delete or comment out the whole things.
                        it makes it very slightly more insecure, but the chances of anything being tampered there by anyone are absolutely minute.

                        generally , it’s an issue in the main plugin and not in the paypal gateway, so the above is a workaround until i managed to fix it in the next update of wppizza

                        hope that helps for now

                        Admin & Mod

                          and thanks for letting me know btw

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