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      Hi Olly, I hope you are good. I am having a lot of errors and problems lately with paypal. These are some of the common errors:

      NOTICE (For information only. This does not constitute a plugin error !):
      000 | order not verified

      Email notices of this kind (i.e non-critcal errors) can be turned off in “WPPizza -> Settings -> Logging -> Errors to admin email”.
      However, notices will still be logged if “Log failed orders” has been enabled.

      [ERRORS]: a:3:{s:8:”critical”;b:0;s:8:”error_id”;i:0;s:13:”error_message”;s:32:”Unexpected response from PayPal.”;}

      I do get the payment, but I don’t get any notification on the dashboard, neither do I get the delivery details or anything 😕. Please help.

      Best regards

      Admin & Mod


        Sorry for the late reply. For some reasons I did not get any notifications in the last few days that there were any new topics posted on here.

        With regards to the paypal issue:
        Paypal should send notifications that either say “VERIFIED” in the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) response back to your server or “INVALID”.
        In your case it has sent back neither – therefore the “Unexpected response from PayPal.” message and the plugin has no idea whether or not an order was in fact paid for or not. You should check in your paypal account what IPN responses where in fact sent back to your server regarding those orders.

        The plugin has not changed for months now so this is something paypals end that does/did not work (This does happen every now and again though and you might find it’s all working again now)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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