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      Hi Olly,

      Not sure if you can help with this?

      I have a live site running WordPress 4.2.3, WPPizza 2.11.10 & WPPizza Paypal gateway where everything works fine.

      I have locally upgraded everything to latest, i.e. WordPress 5.2.2, WPPizza 3.10.1 & WPPizza Paypal gateway 4.1.

      However with the latest version I’m back to the problem I had a few years ago where the PayPal payment screen doesn’t show the customers delivery address (from the order form) so it has to be re-entered for Paypal.

      Back in 2015, I got ver 2 of the gateway to work by editing the code ( but I’d hoped to get it working without touching the code this time.

      Is this likely to be a configuration issue at my end, i.e. does it usually pass the address through fine? Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


      Admin & Mod

        >Is this likely to be a configuration issue at my end

        In fact it was quite a deliberate decision to completely disable the whole shipping address input when being redirected to paypal as – in my opinion – it only confuses the issue of paying for an order.

        That being said, there is also a filter available in the plugin/gateway that allows to to override this behaviour as it suits your needs (i assume here you know what wordpress actions/filter are and how they work).

        As a starting point you could do this sort of thing
        you should be able to adjust things from here as you need them to be in your particular circumstances
        for parameters paypal accepts

        add_filter('wppizza_filter_paypal_parameters', 'myprefix_paypalfilter', 10, 2);
        function myprefix_paypalfilter($parameters, $order_formatted){
        /* will revert the value to the default of 0 */
        /* alternatively override to the value you want there like so  */
        $parameters['no_shipping'] = 0 ; /* 0. Prompt for an address, but do not require one */
        setting some default values according to your settings, using the values returned in $order_formatted.
        do a print_r/vardump $order_formatted to see all order parameters . It should be obvious what is what
        $parameters['last_name'] = $order_formatted['customer']['cname']['value'];
        $parameters['address1'] = $order_formatted['customer']['caddress']['value'];
        $parameters['email'] = $order_formatted['customer']['cemail']['value'];
        /* and so on */
        return 	$parameters;

        Hope that helps


          it did indeed, that worked perfectly, thank you

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