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WPPizza – A Restaurant Plugin for WordPress Support Feature Requests POST request to close/open store

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    Ryan Dunphy

    I’m still learning so this might be a bad idea but I thought I’d ask. Would it make sense to have a tablet with a shortcut icon link to a POST request to close early that shuts off the ability to order? Also one to re-open to normal hours?

    Kind of related…
    As a side project, I made assembled a thermal printer + raspberry pi + arcade style light up button + an on/off switch. When an order completes, the printer prints the order and the server initiates a python script to play an alarm sound on the printer until someone hits the button to acknowledge the order. I’d like to make the on/off switch make the store close or alternatively, return to normal hours. Any hints on how I trigger it to close? If there’s no easy answer, that’s cool, I’ll keep trying as I learn more.

    Admin & Mod

    >Would it make sense …
    no. there is already a perfectly nice checkbox in the opening times settings that does that

    >Any hints on how I trigger it to close
    filter: 'wppizza_filter_is_open', $bool

    Ryan Dunphy

    Thank you, that helps a lot!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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