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    Michael Frater

      Im thinking of adding in this extension however,

      currently, I have a shop open 24hrs 7 days a week to order groceries…

      Can i still use pre order for the following:

      Wednesdays to Saturdays only hot food is delivered between 5.30pm & 8.30pm (doesn’t require pre order)
      Saturday morning breakfasts from 10am-12pm + pre order 4 breakfasts / 15 mins slots
      Sundays 12pm-2pm. (may not require pre order)

      Not sure about the times being set to 24hrs how this will work.

      Also i think i get around last orders on say breakfasts last orders on Friday 5pm is buy changing the open close times on that category if that’s possible. Open Saturday 1pm – Closed Friday 5pm?

      All items are in different categories – all deliveries

      Many thanks

      Admin & Mod


        in a nutshell: no, this will not work
        all the plugin does is allow someone to order for a set timeslot (in 5, 10, 15 min …. etc steps) that is available during your opening hours

        i.e when you are closed, it will offer the timeslots available when you are next open (or indeed a few days in advance – depending on settings)

        if you are open, it displays the timeslots to choose from (so if you are open 24/7 it will display those up to a given number of days in advance )

        unless you have different sites ( one from breakfast items , one for hotfood Wed-Sun etc ) it knows nothing about what you may or may not want to have available for ordering

        in a way it’s kind of binary.
        if you use it , timeslots during your opening hours – depending on your settings – will become available for a customer to choose from . that is pretty much it . it makes no distinction between any of your products

        (Though there is a bit more granular control as to time in advance, preparation times, max orders per timeslot etc etc, but none of this applies to what I understand it is you want to achieve )

        Michael Frater

          Oh thought so… Still its very neat.

          One way to get around this i guess is enable it 24 hrs but clearly state instructions for delivery time slots on the pages for:

          groceries 9am- 8pm / wed-sat evening 5.30 – 8pm / sat breakfast 10am – 12pm / sunday roast 12pm – 2pm

          Ill have some thinking time on this….

          Thanks again!

          Michael Frater

            Think the solution was staring me in the face… ill use timed menu add on with pre order! Happy Days

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